Stripburger – Las Vegas, NV: Atomic Cheeseburger (8.17.16)

We review StripBurger in Las Vegas, and their “Atomic Cheeseburger”, paired with a huge order of cheddar fries and garlic herb fries, and a raspberry shake.

Our Review of Stripburger’s “Atomic Cheeseburger”

Stripburger has become a “must visit” on our Vegas trips for good reason. Their burgers are consistently good, their fries are amazing, and their milkshakes are Americana condensed down to dessert form. On this trip we tried their “Atomic Cheeseburger.” The burger comes topped with candied jalapeno bacon, crispy onion strips, and Stripburger’s “Atomic Cheese Sauce” (a nod to Vegas’s atomic past that’s also available on their fries).

Since the Atomic Cheeseburger was one of their ‘gourmet burger’ specials, it came with a smaller side of fries already, and we added a half-and-half order of the cheddar fries and garlic herb fries. We topped it off with their raspberry shake for dessert.

Tasting the Burger

The burger came a a bit on the medium side with a nice crispy and chewy char on the outside. The beef was savory and seasoned with a hint of pepper, and the grind of the meat was fine and soft. The patty is packed just enough to hold together – they clearly make sure they don’t over knead the ground beef. The brioche bun was lightly toasted, buttery, and soft. It soaked up the burger’s juices wonderfully and was a solid foundation for the strong flavors of the toppings.

The bacon was incredible. It was chewy and well cooked, and a balanced mix of candied, spicy, and savory. The crispy onion strips were salty and crunchy, with a mild onion flavor (a good thing in our opinion). The ‘Atomic cheddar sauce’ was wonderfully melty and gooey, with a nice spicy kick to go along with the creamy texture and tangy cheddar. The toppings complimented each other, delivering a mix of both textures and flavors.

The Fries

As was expected, the fries were incredible. The fries are mid way between skinny and fat fries and have a crust that is both crispy and chewy. The fries burst with a natural potato flavor complimented by excellent toppings. The cheddar fries are topped with a mix of both shredded cheddar and a melted cheese sauce, resulting in a strong cheesy flavor and a great soft texture. The garlic herb fries have a very strong garlic flavor and in both, Strip Burger really works the toppings down into the fries rather than just piling them on top (given how big the order is, that’s important).

Extra Credit (Raspberry Milkshake)

The Raspberry milkshake was as good as it’s been previously – a simple yet classic milkshake. It was smooth and really burst with the berry flavor. As you can tell from the photo, some of the blended berries were still visible in the shake.


  • Strip Burger’s Atomic Cheeseburger is a excellent burger with a well-planned mix of complimentary toppings: A.
  • Both the cheddar fries and the garlic herb fries are amazing, they remain among the best fries I’ve had. The portion is very generous as well. A+.
  • Overall Strip Burger delivered a great meal with their Atomic Cheeseburger and receives an A
  • The burger and (giant order) of fries cost around $20, a lot for some parts of the country, but basically average for Vegas. The cost-adjusted grade is still an A

Stripburger - 160817 Atomic Cheeseburger

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