Stripburger – Las Vegas, NV: Bacon & Cheddar Burger w/ Mushrooms (7.3.15)

We review Stripburger and their bacon & cheddar burger, again paired with a huge order of cheddar fries and garlic herb fries.

Our Review of Stripburger’s Bacon & Cheddar Burger

On our second of two trips to Stripburger (in the Fashion Show Mall on the north end of the Vegas Strip) we ordered their Bacon & Cheddar Burger. The burger comes topped with American Cheddar and smoked bacon (as the name suggests), shredded lettuce (we later learned leaf lettuce is available on request), tomato and pickles. We added mushrooms to the burger for $1 more.

The bacon & cheddar burger was paired with a half-and-half order of Stripburger’s cheddar fries and garlic herb fries (yes, that giant bowl in the picture is a single order of fries). For dessert we added a raspberry shake.

Tasting the Burger

The burger came a perfect medium rare with a nice char on the outside. The beef was flavorful and seasoned with a hint of pepper and the grind of the meat was fine and soft. The bun was lightly toasted and soft – it was a great example of a “classic plain” bun and provided a great foundation for the juicy beef and toppings. The burger overall could actually have used a bit more salt to bring out the flavor even more.

The bacon was very flavorful: salty, savory, and smokey, but it was a overcooked some and was a bit on the crispy and dry side. The mushrooms were good though not great. They don’t disappear but they also don’t provide all the earthiness that mushrooms can. The cheddar was wonderfully melted and gooey, but not as sharp as I’d hoped for a namesake element of the burger. The burger ends up the sum of some very good parts, but seems to fall short of its potential.

The Fries

As on our first visit, the fries were amazing. The fries are mid way between skinny and fat fries and have a crust that is both crispy and chewy. The fries burst with a natural potato flavor complimented by excellent toppings. The cheddar fries are topped with a mix of both shredded cheddar and a melted cheese sauce. The result is a strong cheesy flavor and a great soft texture. The garlic herb fries are topped with a generous helping of garlic. For both varieties, Stripburger really works the toppings down into the fries rather than just piling them on top. Every bite of these fries is top notch.

Extra Credit (Raspberry Milkshake)

The Raspberry milkshake was good – a simple yet classic milkshake. It was smooth and really burst with the berry flavor. The occasional blended berry was still visible in the shake.


  • Stripburger’s Bacon & Cheddar Burger is a solid burger prepared very well, though it’s good, not great: B+.
  • Both the cheddar fries and the garlic herb fries are amazing, some of the best fries I’ve had. The portion is very generous as well. A+.
  • Overall Stripburger delivered a great meal with their Bacon & Cheddar Burger and receives an A-
  • The burger and (giant order) of fries cost around $20, a lot for some parts of the country, but basically average for Vegas. The cost-adjusted grade is still an A-

Report Card - Stripburger 070315

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