Bobby’s Burger Palace – Las Vegas, NV: Dallas Burger (7.2.15)

The Burger Grades review of the Dallas Burger, a spicy and tangy BBQ sauce topped burger that’s a fine entry on the Bobby’s Burger Palace menu.

Our Review of the Dallas Burger at Bobby’s Burger Palace

Bobby’s Burger Palace is one our favorite burger places in Vegas and we make sure to visit every time we’re in town. This trip we tried the Dallas Burger which comes with a “spice crusted” patty topped with coleslaw, monterey jack cheese, BBQ sauce, and pickles. As we always do at Bobby’s Burger Palace, we ordered it “crunchified” with Lays potato chips on top.

The Dallas Burger was paired with a half & half order of their french fries and sweet potato fries. The fries come with sides of BBP Fry Sauce and the sweet potato fries are paired with a honey mustard horseradish sauce. We also ordered two of our favorite items ever: Bobby Burger Palace’s griddled pimento cheese & bacon sandwich and a pistachio milkshake for dessert.

Tasting the Burger

The burger came a perfect medium rare. The beef at Bobby’s Burger Palace is consistently good – savory and loosly packed with a nice char on the outside. The bun is like the platonic ideal of the sesame seed bun from every Fourth of July bbq. It’s soft and squishy, a bit chewy and soaks up the burger’s juices beautifully. The “crunchifying” chips add a salty note and the crunchy texture plays excellently against the bun (due to an order error, they came on the side).

The BBQ sauce is a tangy and just a bit sweet and smokey. The flavor is excellently balanced and doesn’t overpower the other flavors as can sometimes happen with BBQ sauce. The pickles and coleslaw provide a salty & vinegary contrast to the sweet notes of the sauce and their crunchiness plays nicely against the softness of the bun. The monterey jack cheese was melty and creamy but relatively innocuous in the mix of other great flavors.

The Fries

Bobby’s Burger Palace’s french fries are on the thin side, but they’re usually rather good. This time they came overly crunchy and dry, almost a little bit burnt. The sweet potato fries were good as always with a crispness that gives way to pillowy soft insides. They’re just sweet enough to compliment the dusting of salt. The BBP sauce is basically a spicy ketchup and is good but the honey mustard horseradish sauce is definitely superior (on both fries, not just the sweet potato fries).

Extra Credit (Griddled Pimento Cheese & Bacon sandwich, Pistachio Milkshake)

We order the Griddled Pimento Cheese on every visit to Bobby’s Burger Palace. It’s honestly an entree itself, but it’s too good to pass up. It’s a classic grilled cheese, with buttery, crisp and chewy bread. The pimento cheese is sharp and spicy, and the bacon is salty, chewy, and savory. It’s a tremendous sandwich. The pistachio milkshake is another favorite. It’s sweet with slightly nutty and floral overtones that tickle the tongue and provide a unique and wonderful flavor.


  • Bobby’s Burger Palace’s Dallas Burger combines flavors and textures well, it receives a B+.
  • The normally solid fries were a bit uneven, but the sweet potato fries were strong as always – the fries get a B.
  • Overall the Dallas Burger gets a B+
  • Bobby’s Burger Palace is one of the better deals on the Strip, with burger and fries costing about $17, a good deal but not quite good enough to raise the cost-adjusted grade above a B+

Report Card - Bobby's Burger Palace 070215

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